HANS designer Roller Shades are popular for clean appearance and solar-powered features. High quality full shading fabric lining on the plain and smooth surface headrai, they form a unique style of decoration for your house.

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Control Your Lighting With Control Method
Voice Control

Our state of the art motorization options give you the ability to have your shades operate with your home automation systems.

Handheld Remote

Push the button on the remote
and the shattde goes up and down.
Spoil yourself with this easy to use
lift systen.

Solar Panel Charge

Built-in battery supply power,
which is converted by solar power.
You do not need additional wiring
and electricity.
Safe and eco-friendly.

Remote control
Voice control

Bring greater peace of mind for homes with childrer

Ideal for any room in your house, office or workspace.
HANS Blinds Shades slats are made of magnesium aluminum alloy with oxidation and moisture resistance.
This material making the blinds shades ideal window treatments for bathrooms, kitchens and living room are heat and moisture resistant and easy to clean.
The additional insulation to your windows can add energy saving value to your home.
The cordless design is safer for children and pets and look clean.
Shower Room
Living Room

• Max height: 74.8''
• Max width: 72.83''
• Max ft²: 32.29


• Solar-powered motorized Roller Shades
• Fully shading fabrics, shading up to 98%
• Rechargeable 2000 mAh battery support 450 cycles
• Block-out blinds block lights from shining through
and completely darkens.
• The shade comes pre-paired with the remote control
and the signal repeater. Voice control is optional.
• Included: Accessory kit, battery for remote control,
rechargeable battery, headrail, shading fabrics, solar
panel, remote control. Voice control is optional.

Blinds shades color options
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