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Dreams are deserved to accomplish, to achieve, to fight for. More than 20 states and million miles, we are on the way to stand in the grand lands of the United States. During the year of 2021, HANS American travels of first step covers most of windows and doors manufacturers.

Noisy, crowded and privacy, HANS is immersing to do something for the world. To provide a better living environment for human bebings, we develop, reseach and practice whar we can invent. From conceipt to delivery, HANS control and oversee every procedures with our offerings.


In HANS, we specialized in 3 categories of BBG. Superior Magnetic Manual Operated Blind Glass, Innovated Sunlight-Driven Motorized Operated Blind Glass and Exceptional Skylight Blind Glass. All our glazing are available with a variety of glass options and blind/venetian options to maximize energy efficiency and sunshade and privacy protections. Our blind glass are widely applied to Residential, Village, Commercial Window Wall, Office Partition, Hospital, Bank and Sunroom.

Skylight BBG

Applied for ground or ceillings, driven by solar power with built-in motor. 12V DC power supply, remote control 10 glass imultaneously by hand-held emitter or voice controller, 50% or 100% honeycomb sunshades can be chosen.

Motorized BBG

Cable-free from buidlings, driven by solar panel, collect sunlight by solar panel and transform sunlight power to electric power, storaged in battery and output with 12V DC power to control the built-in blinds between glass open and close, tilt or lift.

Manual BBG

Extraordinary frame corner design and stunning assemble technical, precise flatness of blinds slat and built-in cords. HANS 7th generation manual system allows single handle as well double handles to lift and tilt.


HANS takes pride in the little details and strive for perfection. We dedicate in inventing more products to improve human beings' life experience, Intentionally designed to do more than what meets the eye. Motorized blinds and shades provide an added touch and speaking of convenience. HANS independently researching and developing the Solar Control System to operate built-in blinds lowering and raising between in insulating glass of windows and doors by transforming light energy into electrical energy. With repeated experiments, tests and technical optimization, HANS Solar Control System collect sun energy in weak sunlight resource, ultra-low power dissipation, sunlight energy acquisition to ensure it runs as a standalone system in a long period. As a light energy product, there is no connection with the electricity of AC power, safe even in a case of thunder.Compared with the ordinary control system, hanshi's light energy group control system can reduce the cost by about 30%. Energy-efficiency, environment-friendly, green and low-carbon, and easy to install.


HANS another innovated products - Intelligent Voice Socket, offline controller, wireless connection, operate your window coverings open-close by voice freely. The most convenient way deisgn for human's behavior, make life more simple. For more than 17 years, we test our products at independent laboratories to validate by a third-party that our products are impact resistant. That’s why we, at HANS, have established a solid reputation for our high-performing products to enhance the value of windows and doors, to enlighten the intelligence of housing sunshades, to support our clients with diversified options for their markets.

Our Pursuits

Designed for unprecedented performance and exceptional aesthetics, we offer window shade glass options for every style of home in any climate. From a classic magnetic built-in blinds glass to solar-driven motorized skylights, our innovative window sunshade solutions offer virtually endless style options, high-quality material choices and the ability to mix and match across product lines to find the right form and function for residential, commercial and replacement needs.

Our Dedications

HANS Solar BBGs are designed to replace standard windows insulated glass, revolution of manual operating built-in blinds glass and upgrades of normal motorized built-in blinds glass. HANS provide a versatile solution of integrating window glass and blinds for Windows manufactures and Architect designers to make your products and designs intelligent, safe, energy-efficiency. With HANS built-in blinds glass and solar control system, freely control the blinds. Never requires an electricity wire from buildings, never needs AC power supply from house, HANS solar system generates and supplies power source itself.


HANS provides insulated glass with built-in blind for windows and doors producer partners. For the past 17 years history, HANS has been synonymous with stunning craftmanship and unparalleled performance of the industry’s best window composition. We are committed to the highest standards of quality, unrelenting pursuit of product innovation, and a lifelong passion for creating fabulous supporting for windows and doors. With our dedicated team of over 500 highly skilled HANS members, we have the facility resources and expertise to fit our quality blind glass to virtually any type of building glass demands. We are proud of penetrating in the industry to provide energy efficiency double glazed widely applied in constructions, not only with the consideration towards end-user’s intelligent lifestyle & privacy requirements and adaptive demands of local climate conditions, but also collaborate with natural resource – Daylight to avoid any waste of earth limited energy.

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