Sunshade Crank Awning
Perfect sun exposure a tall times
Perfect leisure time.
Blocks more
Lights and Rain

HANS solar powered Crank Awning is engineered to shade. When paired with HANS solar-powered Sunshade Pergola,
it forms a more unique shade product that blocks more lights and rain.

Patented design
Easy to Install
Remote control
Control Method
Modern intelligent lifestyle has also been integrated into the product.
The Functions of the pergola are powered by solar panels and operated by remote control, making it easier to use.
• Full cassette design, protect the acrylic
and accessories carefully
• Patented design, equipped with "BALANCE" system,
balance to achieve perfect folding
• Equipped with waterproof LED lights,
three-block brightness adjustment.
• Triple wire link at hip joint, firmer.
• High quality fabric, high color fastness,
not fade in 5-10 years.
• Solar-powered, eco-friendly,
energy saving and zero carbon emissions
• Tilt Angle adjustment: 0-35 degrees
• Maximum width: 22.97 ft (7m)
• Maximum stretch: 13.12 ft (4m)
• Fabric: Various waterproof and anti-sun fabrics are available
• Opening and closing method: stretch out and draw back
• Installation method: Outside mount
Color options:
Dark Grey
Matt White
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