Sunshade Crank Awning
Perfect sun exposure a tall times
Perfect leisure time.
Full or Partial 
Shade coverage. 
You decide.

HANS solar-powered Sunshade Pergola is a unique sunshade product. It has operable louvers at the roof that can berotated0-120degrees.
From different angles to block lights and rain for you.

Patented design
Easy to Install
Remote control
Control Method
Modern intelligent lifestyle has also been integrated into the product.
The Functions of the pergola are powered by solar panels and operated by remote control, making it easier to use.
· Obtained utility model patents and appearance patent designs.
· Ideal for garden, balcony, terrace, poolside · Easy to install
·Components included:Motor device, hand crank, remote control.
·Louver blades run 2250 cycles on full power ·Solar-powered,eco-friendly, energy saving and zero carbon emissions · LED lights are optional.
· Material: Aluminum 6063-t5
· Operation method: Motorized with remote control · No rust and fading for 20 years
·Drainage rating:0.75-0.86L/Sec/ft?(0.07-0.08L/sec/m)·Double louver blades rotate from 0-120 degree ·4000mA rechargeable battery
·Standard components included:Aluminum frame,Flip shutters, solar panel, motor, repeator,remote control
Optional components: Wind-resistant roller shade, crank awning, aluminum louver shutter, LED light ·Snow Max Load Capacity: 30.77 /sf²
Color options:
Dark Grey
Matt White
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